Fast 24hr Towing

Local Towing Company Seminole Towing & Recovery has provided expert and affordable towing and roadside assistance in Clearwater, Largo, Pinellas Park & St. Petersburg and Pinellas County since 1996. They offer complete car and heavy duty truck towing and recovery services throughout Clearwater, Largo, Pinellas Park & St. Petersburg and Pinellas County and are the trusted towing provider for many area residents and auto repair shops. With a fleet of flatbed and heavy duty towing trucks manned by a team of trained and certified towing professionals, Seminole Towing & Recovery is your choice for quality and affordable Pinellas Co., Clearwater, Largo, Pinellas Park & St. Petersburg. Call their 24hr dispatch center at 727-391-5522.

Seminole Towing & Recovery maintains a large fleet of tow trucks operated by experienced, Wreckmaster Certified towing and recovery professionals. They offer 24hr towing and roadside service in Pinellas County and throughout Pinesllas County providing full towing and roadside services along all area highways and interstates. Call their 24hr service line now to get the Seminole Towing & Recovery towing team working for you. 727-391-5522.

Local Towing Services

Providing immediate response towing services near you is what Seminole Towing & Recovery does best. Their team of experienced towing professionals are ready to provide you with the best local towing available in Clearwater, Largo, Pinellas Park, St. Petersburg and all of Pinellas Co. They offer 24hr towing to all area highways and interstates including I-75, I-275, US 19 & US 92.

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Pinellas County Heavy Duty Towing Service

Delivering expert, 24h heavy duty towing and recovery services in throughout Pinellas County, Seminole Towing & Recovery is your choice for affordable commercial truck towing. They offer complete heavy towing on all area highways including I-75, I-275, US 19 & US 92. They can tow all truck types and maintain overweight and over length permits throughout the area. They will travel anywhere to return a truck to the Pinellas County area.

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Heavy Duty Truck Recovery

Maintaining a large fleet of towing equipment including heavy duty tow trucks and recovery equipment, Seminole Towing & Recovery offers complete heavy truck recovery, off road recovery and cargo services. Their team of certified recovery professionals are trained in the latest recovery techniques ensuring your asset is quickly and safely recovered. Their team also provides load shifts, load transfers and cargo offloading and storage services.

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Beach Towing & Recovery

Did you lock your keys in your car at the beach? Seminole Towing & Recovery is experienced in quickly accessing all beach parking areas and lots to provide lock out services for all vehicle makes and models. They use specialized lock out kits and not pry bars to access your vehicle. They also provide towing, sand winch outs and jump starts at beach parking areas. Contact Seminole Towing & Recovery now at 727-391-5522.

Trusted Local Towing Company

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Seminole Towing & Recovery partners with several local law enforcement agencies to provide reliable and safe towing and roadside assistance services throughout the area including the Pinellas County Sheriff's Department and the Indian Shores Police Department and provide towing at all area beaches. They also partner with many national roadside providers. These relationships are built upon years of trust and reliable service. Choose Seminole Towing & Recovery knowing your choosing the trusted towing provider.